RecOil   Oil Evacuation Kit  
Easy Oil Change

The RecOil Oil Evacuation Kit is the fastest, cleanest, safest, and easiest way for a home mechanic to change motor oil.

RecOil promotes the recovery and recycling of do-it-yourselfer used motor oil and filters that would otherwise be lost to reclamation.

Using RecOil is a double-win, for you and for the environment.

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  System Components
Modified sump plug and right angle elbow
Hydraulic hose
Quick connect fittings
Battery powered pump
Tie-downs for hose installation
  How It Works
The RecOil Oil Evacuation Kit consists of a hydraulic hose and modified sump plug that fits your oil pan.

The hose contains a quick disconnect fitting which is placed under the front bumper or other location for easy access.

To evacuate the used oil from your engine, you simply connect the quick disconnect fitting to the pump.

Then connect the pump to your car battery, and at the touch of a switch, the oil will be sucked out of the engine, and pumped into the storage container.
  Why is the RecOil Evacuation Kit The      Best Way to Change Oil?
•No need to jack the car to change the oil!

•You can change your oil while it's hot and flows easily without having to climb under your car.

•You will experience no leaking or splashing of hot used motor oil.

•The pump and container may be adapted for use on multiple vehicles.

•Containerized oil is ready for easy pick up & recycling.

•The system is specifically designed to keep used motor oil out of the environment.
This can be accomplished using basic tools in just a few minutes.

The modified sump plug bolts to your oil pan, and the evacuation hose is measured to length and then tied in place under your car.

All the parts you will need are included in the kit.
RecOil Kit
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