Pareto Point Industries (PPI) was founded in 1998 by Mr. Adan Reinosa, P.E., and Dr. Robert J Hammer. PPI’s mission is to develop and manufacture automotive-related products that will enhance the owners driving experience and would not negatively impact on the environment. Mr. Valentin Amezquita, an environmental scientist with many years of experience in environmental management subsequently joined Mr. Reinosa and Dr. Hammer.

PPI is located in Commerce, California, about eight miles from downtown Los Angeles, and is minority-owned, holding a number of certifications. In keeping with our goal to improve the quality of life in the area with strong products, the owners serve on public and not-for-profit Boards, Advisory Committees, or other community and business related task forces.

PPI is both a manufacturer and research and development center. Currently, we own a number of US and International patents, with more provisional patents in various stages of approval.

PHONE: (323) 726-2199 FAX: (323) 726-2184 E-Mail: info@paretopoint.com