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Easy Oil Change

Advanced filtration products can be very cost-effective when used in industrial plants, power facilities, and manufacturers who use oil as a lubricating medium to protect their machinery.  Contact us to discuss potential applications

About a half billion oil filters are sold over-the-counter annually in the United States alone

In California, up to 95 percent of all used DIY filters are tossed into the trash and therefore not recycled

Handing and transporting of used oil filters can be a dirty, noxious task, making the decision to simply toss used filters into the trash easier than to make the effort to properly recycle them

Statistical studies show that education alone has not resolved this problem

BUT - one ton of used filters can yield 1,700 lbs of steel and 60 gallons of oil AND - when trashed, this highly recyclable media is lost forever to reclamation and reuse

Further, improperly disposed used oil filters DO cause environmental and economic damage

RecOil Kit
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