Mag Dog Top
Like a silent, vigilant sentry, MagDog is a powerful machined aluminum billet magnetic filtration device that fits between your engine and spin-on oil filter, constantly guarding against ferromagnetic debris and the damage that it can cause.
EZ Port:
EZ Port provides a means to quickly access the lubrication system via a tap between the engine and spin-on oil filter; hydraulic tubing and/or gauges can be fitted to the tap for various oil management purposes.
  RecOil Kit
RecOil Oil Evacuation Kit:
Do you change your own motor oil and filter?
RecOil is the way to change your oil faster, easier, cleaner, and safer than any other Do-It-Yourself (DIY) method.
RecOil Extension Kit:
Make all of your vehicles RecOil ready with the RecOil Extension Kit.
This kit contains all of the components needed for an additional vehicle.
APLS Schmatic Click To Enlarge  
APLS (Advanced Pulsed Lubrication System) is an On-Board Oil and Hydraulic Fluids Management System that can be modified to fit user specifications.

It can piggyback on virtually any AF system. The system may include multiple heads and parallel lubrication systems, transmission lubrication, advanced diagnostics, and other functions.
Advanced Filtration:
Advanced Filtration (AF) is an auxiliary oil filtration system utilizing high capacity fine filtering to super clean the oil, providing benefits such as reduced downtime and overhaul costs, extended oil and full flow filter life, less waste handling and lower disposal costs, reduced engine wear, improved fuel economy, and reduced air emissions.

PPI’s system can also provide pre and post lubrication, turbo cool-down, long term storage protection and more at a favorable return on your investment.
Construction Rebar    
Construction Rebar:
Through one of our partner companies, PPI is able to provide steel reinforcing bars (rebar) in all sizes to general contractors and suppliers at a very competitive rate to the construction industry.
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