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Like a silent, vigilant sentry, MagDog is a powerful machined aluminum billet magnetic filtration device that fits between your engine and spin-on oil filter, constantly guarding against ferromagnetic debris and the damage that it can cause.

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  Why is this Important?
Your typical factory/aftermarket oil filter will trap debris about 25 microns or larger. Yet many independent studies have found engine damage resulting from ferrous particles as small as 2 to 5 microns which act much like miniature bullets as they careen through the engine, striking softer metals and ultimately lodging themselves between sliding and rotating parts.

By capturing and holding these dangerous particles, MagDog provides the protection necessary for a cleaner running and more efficient engine, the key to longer engine life.
  How does MagDog work?
As your engine runs, a small, constant stream of oil is directed into a chamber, filled with powerful neodymium magnets. The oil tumbles across the magnets, where debris is captured and held until the magnets are cleaned, about every ten oil changes.

Although only a small stream goes into the chamber at any time, the entire volume of oil is exposed to MagDog many times between each tank of gas.

MagDog is located in front of the main filter, trapping debris in a quiet zone where it is not subject to washout, should the oil be subject to a surge, either through bypass valve operation, cold starts, or sudden hydraulic transients.
  Easy Installation
Installation takes about a minute; and the filter can easily be removed and opened during any oil filter change for a quick, but revealing visual inspection.
  Independent Testing
MagDog has been independently tested by the SouthWest Research Institute (SwRI), one of the top independent automotive laboratories in the world, where magnetic particles from 2 to 40 microns were captured and held at a rate of about 98 percent. The test was designed to simulate catastrophic engine failure many times over. Debris Capture Graph
  Low Maintenance
MagDog is the perfect complement to your current oil filter and is sized to fit your engine.

MagDog’s open channel architecture contains no moving parts.

MagDog's specially designed caps provide a significant surface area of magnetic attraction that will not clog.

MagDog is not subject to surge when bypass valve opens is quick and easy to install, requires minimal maintenance (wipe magnets after inspection); and there is no need to remove and reapply the product when changing the main oil filter.
  Beyond Cars: Custom Applications
Quotes are available for custom jobs, such as racing or engine rebuilding. MagDog can also protect marine, RV, construction, or certain stationary machinery.
  Sizes & Specifications
Diameter 4.5" 3.5" 3.5" 3.0" 2.5"
Height 1.4" 1.2" 1.2" 1.1" 1.1"
Typical Install Super Duty Porsche 911 Big Block Standard Sports Compact
  Compare Us With Other Magnetic Filtration Devices
Compare Us With Other Magnetic Filtration Devices   
  Mag Dog Full Flow Wraps Plugins
Direct contact with magnets
High retention rate
Not affected by bypass valve surges
Not affected by coldstart release of debris
Not affected by high demand surges
Maximum volume debris capture
Slow and deliberate capture (no slough)
No magnetic leakage
Not subject to full flow turbulence
Full magnet area used
High operating temperature
Additional cooling surface
Direct contact magnetic concentrators
Customizable (i.e., access port, fins, etc.)
Easy installation and removal
Easy to clean and inspect
Long service between maintenance
Sensing collar for diagnostics/metering
Turbulence control
No magnetic field high temperature decay
Independently tested
Slow, deliberate capture (no sloughing)
Non-intrusive to engine bay
Modular and stackable
Easy Installation
Step 1. Confirm nipple is proper size by screwing into new oil filter. If it is not a proper fit, call us for a replacement. magDog Install 1
Step 2. Remove old oil filter to expose stud magDogInstall 2
Step 3. Place MagDog and nipple on stud. Screw nipple to hold MagDog in place (should go at least 3 turns) magDog Install 3
Step 4. Tighten nipple snuggly, do not over torque (use hex key or socket) magDogInstall 4
Step 5. Spin on new oil filter and tighten per OEM instructions magDog Install 5
Step 6. Run engine and check carefully for any leaks.
Properly dispose of used oil filter
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