The Magnetic Filtration Line:  
  For the cleanest oil.
Easy installation, cleaning, inspection, and more.
  The RecOil Line:  
 Easy, fast, safe, clean oil changes; The best way to mange the proper disposal of used oil and filters.  
  The APLS/
Advanced Filtration Line :
  Advanced filtration and oil management systems.  


Pareto Point Industries' mission is to provide the most environmentally and economically attractive products and services that result in positive experiences for our customer/clients while working hard to protect the environment.

We develop high quality, integrated products which meet client and mass consumer needs and specifications. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations while providing for the public good.

We scan automotive-related industries to determine new direction and focus, emerging customer demands, upcoming government regulations or other mandates that impact our customers’ ability to conduct businesses. We offer products that promote the capacity to meet the new standards, mandates, or other constraints, concerns, or opportunities.

  Provider of Integrated Fluid     Management Systems
At PPI, we strive to create systems that are efficient and effective; and which can be integrated into current and proposed engines or other lubrication systems.

Our customer-service based approach begins with significant research, then moves to actively seeking potential customer input through a well defined development process.

To meet our customers’ expectations, we do our utmost to provide simple, elegant solutions that are cost-effective, complete, and promote environmental benefits.
  Out of the Box Thinking
Creativity represents a core corporate value at PPI.

While an idea may be invented here, it will be discussed by a number of potential stakeholders before becoming one of our products. Talking with potential end users enables our ideas to occasionally even morph into something new and unintended.

Currently, PPI holds several preliminary patents on systems and concepts that are decidedly different than our original intent.
  Maintenance & Driving Benefits
At PPI, we believe that our products must meet certain basic thresholds, such as ease of installation and simple routines.

We also believe that our products should enhance the driving experience. We strive to develop products that are efficient and can be sold at a high benefit to cost ratio.

We seek innovative ways to make our products multi-functional, and to provide automatic functions, wherever possible, to make the product virtually invisible to the end-user.
  Environmental Benefits
PPI products are conceived and built with positive environmental benefits in mind. We view this as a core mandate. We believe that high quality, effective, and efficient engine systems and pollution reduction, increase mileage, longer life cycles are not mutually exclusive.
  Responsive to Both Emerging     Mandates and Customer Desires
High gas and Diesel fuel prices, climbing maintenance costs, and increasing environmental concerns have greatly influenced our customers' thinking. The bar for high quality/low cost products that provide real value is constantly rising.

New government regulations are impacting new engine architecture and the retrofitting of older vehicles. PPI maintains a continuous watch for changes emerging from customer demands, constantly constraining regulations, and/or technological breakthroughs.
  Consumer Applications
  The Enthusiast/Rebuilder
  The Racer
  The Classic or Specialized Vehicle Owner
  The Off-Road Nation
  The RV/Boating Enthusiast
  The Motorcycle Owner
  Commercial Applications
  The Over-the-Road Trucker
  The Fleet Manager
  The Military
  Construction & Farming Vehicles
  Non-Vehicle Applications
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The Enthusiast/Rebuilder

People who maintain their own engines, and those who rebuild them, truly understand that it really is all about clean oil when it comes to maintaining continuous peak performance and extending vehicle engine longevity.

Even the best synthetic oils need help in preventing wear damage, and full-flow filters cannot be relied on to trap with consistency.

PPI filtration technologies will significantly reduce engine wear, and with it the high costs associated with repair and replacement!
The Racer

Oil cleanliness significantly influences racing performance.
Our products ensure the best engine protection under racing conditions.

For example, the MagDog chamber can be easily opened between heats for a quick visual inspection of debris collected, in order to help assess an engine's condition "on the fly."
The Classic or Specialized Vehicle Owner

There may be long periods of time when your classic, antique, or specialized vehicle sits idle. During non-use, seals will dry and crack, and oxidation will start to develop on critical component surfaces.

Our easily removable bolt-on Advanced Pulsed Lubrication System (APLS) automatically injects oil into the engine galleries on a timed routine, wetting the seals and critical components with a protective film of filtered oil. This feature can benefit any engine or other equipment that sits idle for periods of time.

Since the system is bolted on, it can be completely removed for shows or other reasons.
The Off-Road Nation

Off-road vehicles provide the most fun when they are driven hard.

Temperature extremes, dirt, and severe driving are all a natural part of this sport.

Clean oil will reduce the risk of premature engine failure and can provide greater confidence while operating in the back country.
The RV/Boating Enthusiast

Like classic cars, RV’s, motor homes, and marine vessels are subject to significant periods of non-use. This can lead to dry seals and oxidation of critical engine components. Protect recreational vehicles, motor homes, and marine vessel seals and critical engine components through an APLS automatic timed routine, while also providing additional filtration.

For many sail boat owners, the sump plug can be difficult to access. Imagine evacuating your oil simply by pushing a button!
This is made possible through the simple to install and use RecOil Evacuation Kit, which can also be purchased as a component of APLS.
The Motorcycle Owner

Motorcycles place a high demand on their lubrication system.
Our advanced and magnetic filtration systems provide protection and a modest amount of cooling for motorcycles.
The Over-the-Road Trucker

Increasing fuel costs, parts, and maintenance expenses all result in shrinking profits.

Advanced filtration provides extended service intervals, better mileage, lower emissions, increased engine longevity, and other benefits.

A return on investment can be achieved in a reasonably short time.
The Fleet Manager

Advanced filtration extends service intervals, also resulting in lower inventory levels and other savings.

Well-maintained vehicles achieve better mileage, produce less air emissions, and achieve greater engine longevity. Extending the useful life cycle will result in significant savings.

Just a three month life cycle extension per vehicle translates to a free fleet every four years!
The Military

The reliability and readiness of its tactical wheeled vehicles is essential for the modern military to achieve its mission.

Advanced filtration is not only a key component for vehicle maintenance, but provides a higher level of insurance for successful field operations.
We are exploring the benefit of predictive maintenance routines and other potential military applications.

Pre-positioned or other idle military vehicles on stand-by status may be subject to significant periods of non-use. This can lead to dry seals and oxidation of critical engine components.
Protect seals and critical engine components through an APLS automatic timed routine, while also providing additional filtration.
This directly leads to much more responsive and faster service readiness for mobilization and deployment.

Our new technologies can be retrofitted to protect and extend the service life of the aging military fleet(s) as well as servicing next generation vehicles, including predictive maintenance routines.
Construction & Farming Vehicles

Advanced filtration benefits all types of vehicles.

These special purpose vehicles often operate under extreme conditions, such as heat and dust.
PPI can provide filtration solutions for these types of vehicles.
Non-Vehicle Applications

Certain machinery, power plants, transformers, and other stationary equipment benefit from lubrication advanced filtration.

See the November/December, 2005 issue of “Machinery Lubrication” for a discussion on how vital magnetic filtration is to maintaining your equipment. The July/August issue provides specific details on our application and what makes it a superior product.

In the near future, Machinery Lubrication will publish an article providing information on our application technology and what makes MagDog it a superior product.

Call us for details.