ID-e2001 ID-e Reader


Benefits & Features :

  • Scan any Magnetic Strip or 2D Bar Code or ID Card.
  • Driver License or Credit Cards.
  • Counter top & Portable
  • Very Small to fit right on your Counter top !
  • FCC / UL approved.. 3yr No labor Warranty
  • Instant Age, Date of Birth, Expire date.
  • View, Name, Address, Ht,Wt, Eye Color.
  • Holds 4000 records in memory. Or NOT save anything – Your Choice.
  • Review records right in your hand anytime.
  • Software up-grades are easy to install and no Charge ever.
  • Reads all USA & Canada ID’s.
  • Large LED screen, Age visible 20 feet away in the Dark\
  • Wall transformer included – AC/DC or AA battery operation.
  • Download data into a Database or Compliance report.
  • Up-grade from ID-e2001 to read all USA and Canada with the 2D barcode.
  • Snap on 2D reader is easy to upgrade and install anytime.
  • Highly recommended for C-Stores, Clubs, Law Enforcement.


The ID-e2001 Reader is the most versatile Age Verification or Data collection terminal you can own. ID-e give the user a small footprint and all Magnetic strip or 1D & 2D capability in one package. No other device gives the flexibility of low cost and high end data collection options for today’s POS environment. ID-e incorporates a new LED back light technology that gives a smooth bright back light and reduces glare, and surface reflection interference. Daylight exposure from windows is not a problem.

The ID-e2001 Reader is the only dual function Age Verifier fit for C-Store counter top or portable Night club use, and is up-gradable from Magnetic reading only to full 2D reading capability. The 2D barcode reader is able to read wide linear and large 2D bar codes or the smallest micro PDF417 bar code labels found on today’s Driver License.

The ID-e2001 ID scanner can save up to 4000 scans in non-volatile flash memory and is safe even with the removal of the batteries or any other power failure.

The ID-e2001 unit can be easily customized to read even the most difficult or encrypted magnetic or 2D bar codes used for your business, institution or events.

The ID-e readers can be used as a hand held wireless or fixed mounted terminal. With flexible programming can be used in Law Enforcement, POS, or institutional use making it one of the most cost effective terminal readers available.


Hardware Specs:

Dimensions:    4”x 6”x 1-1/2” inches

Display size     2 ½” x 1-1/2” Dual – Color

Weight:           1.5 lbs

Technical Specs.

High Resolution Display   120 X 120

Reader:                               3 Track Magnetic / 2D – (with 2d barcode reader)

Card Sensor:                     Card load signal / Data sensor

Card Type:                         Low-co. 200 to Hi-co 3000 or.

Card Thickness:                 ISO 10 mil to 35 mil tolerance.

Read capability:                 Bi-directional

Shock:                                 UL/ 3 ft to concrete Drop tested

Power requirements:         6 to 9 V DC / 600 mA to 1.5 Amp.

Battery:                                2 AA for terminal – (4 AA for 2D reader)

USB port:                                 5V USB power / Pc supplied.

Bar Code Reader:               RS-232 / 9 pin din.

Memory Capacity:             2 MB non-volatile (Aprox: 4000 records)

Operational Modes:            Wireless, AC/DC, USB