THE SIXTH DAY Lit & precomped CG Aircraft
MUSEUM II Lit & precomped Lincoln and Thinker
ALIENS IN THE ATTIC Lit & precomped Alien Characters
CHIPMUNKS II Lit & precomped Chipmunk Characters
CHEVY S-10 PICKUP Lit, textured, & modeled detail of CG trucks
EURODISNEY CIRCLEVISION FILM Lit, textured, detailed, & composited flying vehicles
KIA MOTORS PAVILION Modeled, textured, & lit terrain. Lit, textured, & animated flying cars
GOODYEAR AQUATREAD TD’ed entire spot including supervision of hand-drawn water drops
NIVEA BOTTLE TD’ed entire spot. True splined based 3d model interpolation
Expanding Belly Test Photography warped by 3D model
Exploding Foot Morphed between normal &  fat foot 3D animated exploding shoe
PEI & LOMA MEDIA Designed &Animated  Flash Web Graphic
Sheep Animation Test Developmental Tests
Sheep Tracking Test Manual 3D Matchmove
Duck/Pig Split screen Composited to combine animal performances
EURODISNEY CIRCLEVISION FILM Modeled, mapped, & lit foreground ship surface details, & composited live actors